MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste
MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste
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MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste

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Satay is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. Satay may consist of diced or sliced chicken, mutton and beef.

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MyKuali Instant Cooking Pastes
MyKuali 调味酱包裝

The speciality of ingredients in Satay Sauce is turmeric and peanuts.

MyKuali’s Instant Satay Chicken Paste’s is manufactured using pure turmeric powder. No peanut is added in the paste to preserve the taste of MyKuali’s Satay Chicken Paste.

Cooking MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste is very simple and easy because the freshness and quality of the ingredients itself bring out the uniqueness and fragrance of the Satay Sauce. Coconut milk and peanut is optional in cooking MyKuali’s Satay Chicken.

If you would prefer seafood, MyKuali’s Satay Chicken Paste can also be stir fried with fried fish fillet or prawns.

It is very popular among the kids due to the mild sweetness of Satay Paste.



Stir Fry Satay Chicken (4-5 serving)


200 g (1 packet) MyKuali’s Instant Satay Chicken Paste
800g – 1kg Chicken Breast/thighs/whole chicken(In pieces)
100ml Water
30 g Grounded peanuts
Cooking oil For deep frying chicken


  1. Deep fry chicken in hot oil till golden brown. Drain and set aside on a serving plate.
  2. In n a clean wok, pour in “MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste” together with fried chicken, stir fry until even using low heat.
  3. Pour in water, continue to stir fry and simmer over medium heat until the sauce is thicken.
  4. Add in grounded peanuts, ready to serve.


  • Amount of water is just an estimation, you are required to top up water if the dish is too dry.
  • Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.
  • Optional: Replace chicken with other ingredients such as muttons, beef, prawns, clams and etc.
  • Optional: Add in 50ml of coconut milk/evaporated milk/fresh milk before serving.

Satay Sauce for Dipping


200 gm (1 packet) MyKuali’s Instant Satay Chicken Paste
100 ml Water
100ml Coconut milk
60 gms Grounded peanuts


  1. Pour in “MyKuali Instant Satay Chicken Paste“, water and coconut milk into wok,stir fry until even.
  2. When the mixture is heat up, add in grounded peanuts. Ready to serve.
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